Looking To Sell Your Home? When You Should Consider Using The Services Of A Home Staging Company


Most people know that if a home is empty, a home stager can come in and place furniture and accessories in the home, making it look lived in. This can help to sell the home faster. However, what you may not know is that a home does not have to be empty for you to consider using a home stager. There are many other reasons why you may use a stager aside from the home not being lived in at the time. If you are selling your home, here are a few of the reasons why you may want to consider using a home staging company:

Your Furniture is in Poor Condition

When a potential buyer walks into your space, you want them to focus on your home. However, many buyers look at more than just the walls, flooring and windows in a space. If they see your old, dated couch or mismatched dining room table, they may have a hard time envisioning themselves living in the space. Your old furniture may also date the space, which may deter a buyer. A stager can place new furniture in the space that is in good condition, ensuring a buyer does not walk away simply because of your furniture choices. 

The Furniture is Too Big for the Space

You may love the oversized couch in your living room or the king-sized bed in your master bedroom. But, if these rooms are small, larger, over-sized furniture may make them look and feel cramped and smaller than they are. A stager can place appropriately sized furniture in the room so a buyer can see the potential in the room without it feeling small and cluttered. 

You Want to Stage the Room for Its Intended Purpose

The last reason you may want to consider using a stager is that you are not using a room for its intended purpose. If your home has a dining room and a formal dining room, you may only be using one space as a dining room and the other as a playroom or office. While this works for you, that isn't the rooms intended purpose and may not be something that buyers are looking for. Staging the room for its intended purpose helps to show buyers what the room is really designed for, which can be a selling feature. 

A home stager can help to stage a room, space or home so that a potential buyer can see the full potential in the space. If your home is empty, your furniture is not in the best condition, your furniture is too large for the space, you don't have the right furniture for the room or you aren't sure what to do with a space, call in a stager to help. This may help your home to sell faster and for possibly more money. 

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26 October 2017

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