Tips to Prepare for a Full House This Holiday Season While You Have a Bathroom Under Construction


With the holidays here, families are gathering and traveling. When you have family at your home for the holidays, you will want to make sure that everything is prepared. Renovations that are not complete during the holidays will make having house guests a challenge. Here are some tips that can help you prepare your home for house guests during the holidays while you are in the middle of renovations.

1. Use Temporary Fixtures to Create an Emergency Bathroom

Having bathroom plumbing fixtures is important to preparing your home for guests. You will want a couple of simple solutions for your bathroom. The toilet, sink, and shower or tub are important. If you have removed a tub, a cheap shower pan and vinyl wall covering can be used to create a temporary shower. For the toilet, use the old toilet that has been removed. Make sure the drain is not moved, and use cheap flexible lines to connect it temporarily. The sink can be a simple faucet and a basin.

2. Use Temporary Solutions to Support Solid-Surface Countertops

You may want to have a solution for a vanity in your bathroom to house a sink. If you have not had cabinets installed, a solid-surface countertop can rest on a frame for a temporary solution. Use cheap shower curtains and cut them to hid the plumbing beneath the sink. A bowl sink can be good for this and can be mounted on top of the countertop. Try to avoid putting any hole in the countertop. If you must, make the hole smaller than the sink that is going to go in the completed bathroom. Also, mark the finished sink size on the bottom of the countertop to make cutting the hole easier later.

3. Put Flooring That Can Be Easily Removed in the Unfinished Bathroom 

The flooring is another issue that you will face. Tile and other materials can be difficult to remove, and you may not be ready to install them yet. There are flooring materials that can be used as a temporary solution and still look great. Engineered hardwood flooring materials snap together and sit on padding, making them easy to remove. Vinyl flooring products that use the same snap-together system for installation are also available. The good thing about these materials is that they can be used in other areas when you remove them from the bathroom. For example, these materials can be used in a place such as an entrance, laundry room, or mud room.

With a few preparations, your house guests for the holidays will barely notice that work is being done to renovate your home. If you need help with incomplete projects, contact a vendor of solid-surface countertops such as Plastic Line Mfg Inc to add surfaces in your bathroom for the holidays. 


14 December 2016

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