Decorative Uses For Shutters


Shutters have long been used for exterior windows, either as a decorative way to highlight your exterior windows, or operable to close and protect your windows. Shutters can also be used around the interior of your home in a decorative manner. You can use new shutters, old shutters, or make your own with wood and some paint. See below for tips on how to repurpose shutters in your home.


Make a headboard for your bed using shutters. You can use short or tall shutters for this project. Take your shutters and spray paint them whatever color you like. You can paint them white and then sand them down a bit to give them a more rustic look. If your shutters are wooden, you can paint them gray and then whitewash them for a beach look. No matter what color you paint them, be sure to allow them to dry completely before handling them. Once dry, screw them to the wall behind your bed. Top the shutters off with a mantle painted to match to complete the look. Be sure the mantle is cut to match the width of your shutters.

Interior Shutters

Rather than using blinds or curtains, use barn wood shutters that can be opened and closed. You can purchase shutters, or make your own using three pieces of 1/3 pine wood cut to the length of your window casing. Lay the three pieces of wood together side by side, then add two pieces of 1/2 pine wood to the top and bottom of the shutters leaving about three inches from the top and bottom. Attach the 1/2 pieces using screws. You can add decorative hardware after you have painted the shutters the color of your choice. Add hinges to make them operable, or simply screw them to your wall next to your interior window.


Using the same directions above, create three barn wood shutters to hang on the wall as decoration. Paint them whatever color you'd like, hang them about two inches apart using picture wire and then add a decorative wreath to the middle shutter using a small nail. Change your wreath out to use for seasonal decor.

Shutters can be used for more than just the exterior of your home. There are numerous uses for shutters inside your home for decorative purposes. Look for old shutters at garage sales, or find them at thrift stores for a steal. Or contact a local window treatment store, like The Blind and Drapery Corner.


11 August 2015

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