3 Ways To Customize Glass Shower Doors During A Bathroom Remodel


Clear glass shower doors can make a small bathroom look larger and can tie together a modern design scheme. But if you have a large bathroom with a different design scheme, the plain glass might seem overly-stark compared to the personality in the rest of the room. But there are ways you can customize glass shower doors both before and after a bathroom remodel.

Here are a few ways you can tie your shower door design into your bathroom decor:

Earthy Stained Glass

Stained glass designs featuring natural elements such as lush bamboo or fall leaves can accent a bathroom with oriental or rustic design elements. The stained glass can be achieved by ordering custom-made doors during the restoration process.

Or you can hire a talented local artist to come in with stained glass-style paints and create and seal a design on the exterior panels of your shower.

Why do natural elements look best for stained glass in bathrooms? Any large, bold patterns could greatly change the color of light inside your shower. The end result could make it feel like you're showering in front of a giant church window, which isn't as relaxing as the subtle presence of bamboo.

Elegant Etched Glass

While after-installation etching fluid exists, the formulation doesn't' work as well on glass shower doors as it does on mirrors or drinking glasses. If you want the elegant look of etched glass, opt for this option during the renovation process.

While restraint made for better results with stained glass doors, etching lets your imagination take control. You can opt for full door-sized designs in virtually any style you want. Feature a large dolphin to match a nautical themed bathroom. Or choose a wagon wheel for a rustic themed room. The possibilities are endless if you find a shower manufacturer who can help bring your vision to life.

Whimsical Vinyl Stickers

Do you prefer a whimsical decor with bright monkeys or owls all over the room? If you had a shower with a curtain, that would provide you an added chance to express your colorful theme. But a glass shower door can't use a shower curtain and stained glass or etching would be too serious for your fun theme.

The answer can be found in removable vinyl stickers. You can find thousands of designs online to match nearly any style. The stickers adhere well but can then be peeled off and re-positioned with no residue left on the glass. You will want to make sure that the stickers are on the outside of the glass so that the designs are facing out into the room instead of facing into your shower.

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25 March 2015

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